10 Tips to Avoid Failure in UPSC Civil Services Exam

10 Tips to Avoid Failure in UPSC Civil Services Exam

“What can be reasons for failure in UPSC exam?” or “How can we avoid it?”  are the questions we have been asked many times by IAS aspirants.” So here we are with “10 Tips to Avoid Failure in UPSC Civil Servies Exam”. This blog is a compilation of discussions with many IAS aspirants, who finally sailed through after many attempts.

As we all know, we often ignore the most simple things in our life. Interestingly, here also the same is observed, the mistakes are very common and simple. Nevertheless, the faults should be avoided. This article tries to give 10 tips to avoid failure during UPSC civil services exam preparation.

1. Improve your writing skill

UPSC civil services exam is approximately 60% about testing your writing skill. You might disagree with me now, “how 60%?”. But the fact you must remember 80% of IAS exam is a written exam and if you are not able to communicate by writing well. Whatever you read or know has no importance. Also, Many will tell you an IAS aspirant with very high knowledge was not able to succeed, conversely, a candidate with average knowledge with good writing skill was able to succeed.

So Try to write a lot, prepare a structure for answering a different type of questions try to make your answer interesting for the examiner.

2. Don’t Skip basic books

A building is strong, only if its base is strong. However, this basic thing many of the aspirants tends to forget. Don’t rush and start reading notes from the coaching institutes, when you are starting your preparations. Start with the building block, thus you are advised to clear your fundamentals by reading NCERT or other books.

3. Choose Optional subject wisely

A most common answer you will find among failed IAS aspirants, that they choose the wrong optional subject at the time application. Many choose their optional subject because the same subject was chosen by his/her friend or they feel its an easy subject. You should judge your interest and capability back it with good research and then choose your optional subject.

Choose wisely, so you don’t regrate for your choice!

4. Make smart Notes

Notes are the most important component of your UPSC civil services exam preparation. But, notes making is not about filling your notebook which will become inconvenient, when you start revision. Incorporate visuals in your notes making. Use Flowcharts, Mind tree, Maps, pictograms in your notes. This will save your time while revision. Also, it has been observed memory retention of a visual information is higher than a written information.

5. Revise

You are not ‘Chitti’ form movie “ROBOT”. So you tend to forget, what you have read one month earlier. Also, UPSC civil services exam syllabus is very vast to remember. Therefore, make revision a part of your study plan, so you are able to recollect when it will matter most.

6. Take as many numbers of Mock Test as possible

A student does prepare well and then goes for the exam finds his mind blank.  This is the effect of exam pressure, also many times you are not versed well with the exam structure and you defuncts. Mock tests are the best solution to release exam pressure also it does constantly evaluate you.  Thus, you can resolve your shortcomings and give your best when it matters most.

7. Evaluate Mock test results & previous attempts carefully

Failures are the best teachers. Evaluate your previous attempts and mock test results carefully, identify causes of your failure/shortcomings. Try to improve yourself in those areas, you should not leave any wheel unturned.

8. Use YouTube, Internet well

Due to the internet, you are sitting on top of the mountain of knowledge. YouTube and many websites are offering free online lectures for preparation of civil services exam. You can properly utilize these resources in your preparation.

9.  Maintain Focus

UPSC preparation is very long & boring. Students often lose their focus and deviate from the path. However in order to succeed you need to maintain your focus. Also, don’t deviate from the syllabus.

10.  Only read limited numbers of recommended Books/Notes

Many books are recommended to cover one subject for civil services exam preparation. You should read a limited number of books to cover the syllabus. You need to understand you have to read to clear a competitive exam not for earning a PhD.