6 Best BPSC Exam Preparation Books You Should Read

6 Best BPSC Exam Preparation Books You Should Read

Planning to start your preparation for the BPSC exam, And confused with the question, Which books you should read? Or “which Books are best for the BPSC Pre Exam?” Or you are reading randomly selected books. Then you this article is for you. Here we bring you “6 Best BPSC Exam Preparation Books You Should Read“, that will ensure sure short success in BPSC(Prelims) Exam.

So let’s start with this journey of knowledge.

1.  Lucent General Knowledge (Subjective)

If you are preparing for any Bihar based competitive exam then you cannot afford to miss this book. Lucent GK is a compilation of all the important topics which have been asked in all main the competitive exams.

If you by heart Lucent GK, then 60% of your exam preparation is already over.

And, if you are thinking that, how I am saying 60% of preparation will get over. Then, let’s take an exercise, take any BPSC (Prelim) examination paper and try to find its answer in the book. You will be surprised to find more than 60% question answers.

So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say Lucent GK is key to your BPSC success.

I personally prefer Hindi version of Lucent GK as I find it more elaborative. Also, some key facts are missing in the English version.


2. Lucent General Knowledge (Objective)

Exam preparation is like making bricks. In brickmaking first, you mold the clay in brick shape and then bake it in a furnace. Then only brick is able to pass the test of time.

Likewise, Lucent GK (Subjective) will mold your mind with the knowledge required for Exam. But Objective questions in Lucent GK (Objective) will bake that knowledge to succeed in the exam.

Solve all the questions, The questions are arranged topic wise. 98% correctness of answers, should be your aim. By the time you are not able to achieve this level, I will advise you to again read the topic.

3. Partiyogita Darpan

If you would have analyzed the previous year BPSC exams pattern. Then you must be aware that, around 25-30 questions in BPSC(Prelims) Exam are related to National/ International & state current affairs.

For those who haven’t analyzed previous year, BPSC exam pattern read “Trend analysis of BPSC Prelims Exam

Also, Read – How to Crack 64th BPSC Prelims Exam? and How to Prepare for BPSC without Coaching?

Obviously, standard books aren’t available for current affairs. Here Partiyogita Darpan is your friend. Its available in monthly issue.

Read previous 6-9 months issues of Partiyogita Darpan form the expected month of exam.

4. Lucent Bihar

When it comes to general knowledge about Bihar. I don’t find any single book which covers all the aspects like Bihar Geography, economics, Naural resources, Govt. Policies, Important & famous personalities. But this book offers the best in the lot. It covers the objective question also to strengthen your knowledge.

Additionally, I will advise you to do a few google search or read on Wikipedia.

5. History of Modern India – Bipin Chandra

Again, it emerges out from the trend analysis. History specifically modern history is very important from the BPSC (Prelims) exam aspect. Thus, It’s very important to strengthen modern history.

History of Modern India by Bipin Chandra is kind of standard textbook for UPSC aspirants and includes a very detailed information of events in modern history. Cover all the events as much as you can.

6. Quantitative Aptitude – R.S Agarwal

This book is All in one when it comes to Quantitative Aptitude. But before diving in this book please go through some previous year exam paper. To know what kind of questions are being asked from the Quant section.

Solve only those type of questions. No need to solve the whole book.

In the end, I hope would help. Please tell us what you think and post your success story.

In case of any other questions you want to ask post in the comment box, we will try to answer that.