How to crack the BPSC Exam (PT and Mains) within a year?

How to crack the BPSC Exam (PT and Mains) within a year?

One year is not a very sufficient amount of time for preparation of BPSC, but not a less time also. As you are interested to be a BPSC officer, you would have known all about the BPSC as the career option. So, I would not dwell into that, but as you are reading this article, your main interest is to know “How to crack the BPSC Exam (PT and Mains) within a year?”

“BPSC/PCS is easier than UPSC” – Its a common myth.

Cracking BPSC is not that easy as you may think!. It’s a very competitive exam “Which demands one full preparation & simultaneous examination”. In short, it asks for your complete dedication to getting into the BPSC. Probably some of you might have to appear for BPSC more than once to triumph. But I like to assure you chances of cracking BPSC will be very high after reading and following this article.

Few basic facts about BPSC Exam

Few details you need to know if you are the first timer. In case, you already know these details it would be a good facts checking for you.

Prior to BPSC (Mains), you need to give the “BPSC Preliminary Examination”.
Check here for every detail that you need to know.

Check your eligibility

  • The applicant should be a citizen of  India.
  • Age limit- less than 40 years (general category) and 45 years (reserved categories)
  • Education qualification- Graduate (any stream)

How to Qualify BPSC Prelims Examination

To win a war you gotta know your enemy and accordingly have a plan


Know your enemy – In this case, the examination is your enemy. You must know what is examination pattern & what you should read and what you should not to!!
BPSC syllabus is very vast but not to worry about that, everything you should not study.

Have a smart and planned strategy to succeed.


You can clear the BPSC without coaching, to ascertain this, many students have already who made it in a single go without coaching.

All you need to succeed is Smart-work, a strategy, and determination to accomplish.


You are smart, as you are curious to know first, all about your aim. I can also tell, you are determined for your aim & work hard for that.

And the Third element is a strategy for your success. The successful strategy for BPSC is here as follows:

Strategy for BPSC Prelims

Start With NCERT BOOK:

This is one advice, I give it to all the students. Strengthen your Base with NCERT.  Books have been written in the most simple language to make you understand.

Important Fact for motivation: 40% of static questions asked in any PSC examination are from NCERT books.

Books you must read for BPSC:

A Brief History of Modern India by Spectrum publication

History is the most important subject in the context of BPSC prelims, where 25-30% question would be asked about this subject. This book by Spectrum will provide you point to point facts of all important events in modern India. Consider it must to read. To read and download BPSC History notes in Hindi & English click Here.

NCERT Class 11th & 12th geography + Maps ( Bihar, India & world)

Geography is incomplete without the maps. Paste Political & Geographical map of Bihar, India & World in your study room or wherever you study. Try to locate the places & geographical features on the map, when you read about them. This would increase you to remember facts batter also many questions nowadays are asked directly from the map. e.g. “Which is most North-Eastern District of Bihar?”  To read and download BPSC Geography notes in Hindi & English click Here.

Mrunal Geography on YouTube

In my personal opinion, audio-visual information is much easier to remember and also remains in our mind for the longer period.  NCERT books are irreplaceable, but these videos can help you to master geography for the rest of your life.

Economics NCERT of Class 11th & 12th

This can fetch you easy 10 marks in your prelims.  To read and download BPSC economics notes in Hindi & English click Here.

Lucent Bihar

You are expected to know all about your state. This Lucent publication is a must-must read book. This book is one stop solution to your knowledge about History of Bihar, Geography of Bihar, Culture of Bihar, Economics of Bihar and all the important aspects related to Bihar, you should know prior to sitting in the examination hall.

Lucent GK Objective

PCS exams are all about facts. BPSC Prelims is definitely not an exception to it. Books can enhance your knowledge but facts are remembered best by the objective questions. Books provide topic by chapters for your convenience. Also, it includes all the questions that were asked in BPSC & various examinations.

Economic survey

To know more about State & India current economic policies. Read Current (If available) & Last year economic survey. Read about the welfare policies of the Bihar state & India.

Key features of the budget

Recent BPSC trends show that question related to Budget all frequently asked in prelims & GS examination. Note down and remember all the key features of Bihar State & Union budget.

Polity – Laxmikant

Laxmikant is one stop solution for all the questions that are asked in any competitive examination, related to Polity.  You can read and download BPSC specific Polity short notes in Hindi & English click Here.


Read any good newspaper. Note: Reading Bollywood new does not qualify as Newspaper reading.

Art and culture

Any suitable resource you find. IGNOU book on Arts & culture, India yearbook etc.


Any resource.


Solve math from any book on SSC examination.

Current Affairs Magzine

Read Partiyogita Darpan. It is free on JioMag app.


Lucent Objective questions would be sufficient for science related questions. For further reading,  You can read and download BPSC specific Science short notes in Hindi & English Click Here

In the end, solve all the previous question papers of BPSC prelims before the exam. In my personal experience, this would be very beneficial. BPSC repeats many questions.  Also, Solve as many test series day & night. This will help in your preparation also it will help you to analyze yourself. MCQHUB provides you free online 100+ BPSC prelims tests. 

Strategy for BPSC Mains:

BPSC mains exam constitutes 04 exams

  1. Hindi
  2. General Studies -01
  3. General Studies -02
  4. Optional Subject

To read detailed Official Notification on BPSC Mains Syllabus click here.


The exam is to access you Hindi knowledge, and you are required to pass it with 30 marks. Essay writing,  Hindi grammar,  Hindi literature are part of it. I would advise you to write a few essays. You can also read Drishti Publication book in Hindi essays writing.


Books/ Notes You should read for BPSC GS-01

  • India Since Independence – By Bipan Chandra
  • India’s Struggle for Independence –  By Bipan Chandra
  • Art and culture – 11th NCERT and IGNOU book on art & Culture.
  • Economic survey
  • Economics – Murnal youtube Videos
  • Current Affairs – Drishti IAS (Hindi medium)/Vision IAS (English Medium) current affairs monthly magazine.


Notes/Books you should Read

  • NCERT 11th & 12th Geography
  • Indian Geography by G. C. Leong
  • Press Information Bureau
  • Indian Polity by M Laxmikant

Solve previous years BPSC main exam. Again BPSC repeats questions in mains also.  My another advice to you would be –

  • Do not put extream views while answering any question, where your stand has been asked.
  • Try to answer all the question.
  • Include maps, figures in your answers to attract examiner.
  • Use bullets & pointers etc
  • Use Hedding & subheadings these small things can fetch you addition marks.

As a practice Read 10 articles a day, and write it in your own words.

This Will do wonders for you!!