How to prepare for BPSC Prelims

How to prepare for BPSC Prelims

BPSC prelim is a qualifying exam and also your first step towards becoming a first-class officer. Even being a qualifying exam, it is the most important exam in the whole selection process. Its important can be noted by the sheer competition and selection percentage. In 63rd BPSC prelims exam, 85000 candidates appeared and only 4257 candidates (5%) qualified for the mains exam. So if you are thinking “How to prepare for BPSC prelims”, then you are on the right path. So let’s jump straightforward jump on the Yaksha question …

Ask the question from yourself …

The first question was “How to prepare for BPSC Prelims”. This is question should be the start of the nuclear reaction of questions in your mind. Ask questions from yourself e.g

  • What is the BPSC prelims Exam pattern?
  • Which topics are being covered?
  • What is BPSC prelim Syllabus?
  • On which subject you need to focus more?
  • Which books should you read?
  • Additional new topics you have to cover?
  • How many marks should you get to qualify BPSC prelims?

Note down each question, which pops-up in your mind, let it be silly also. Arrange all question in chronological order in accordance with there occurrence. Like, What is Exam pattern first, second would be subject exam covers. Now try to find out answers to these questions. We have tried to answer a few questions which might have popped up in your mind are as….

BPSC Exam Pattern

The preliminary examination serves as a screening test. Candidates, who will qualify this exam will be eligible for Mains examination. The Prelims exam consists of a single objective type paper (MCQ based).

  • This Exam is OMR sheet based examination.
  • The question paper will have 150 question. Each question will be of 1 marks each.
  • The total duration of the examination is 2 hours.
  • Each question consists of five answers under heading A, B, C, D, and E. You are supposed to mark the most suitable answer in the OMR sheet for corresponding question number.
  • BPSC does not penalise you for any wrong answer. So No negative marking.
  • The question paper will have questions in both Hindi and English language.
  • On the last page of the exam paper, blank space is provided, which you can utilize for hand calculation.

BPSC syllabus

BPSC Prelims examination covers large no of topics from history, geography i have tried to cover all the important topic subject wise.


  • Indus valley civilization
  • Vedic age
  • Origin & Spread of Jainism & Buddhism
  • Mauryan empire & Rise of Bihar
  • Shershah Suri & Bihar
  • Medieval India – Delhi Sultanate & Mughal Empire
  • Indian freedom struggle
  • Bihar & Its contribution to the Indian freedom struggle


  • Bihar & India Location & Its spread
  • Type of Soil & Topology
  • Drainage of Bihar & India
  • Major Agricultural & Mineral resources
  • Flora & Fauna

Polity & Economy

  • Indian constitution
  • State & Union relation & Sharing of Power
  • Major policy of State & Union government
  • Economic decision & Policies
  • Major Industries of state

Current affair topic

All major events on National & International level in Last one-half years.

BPSC Books

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