How to Prepare for BPSC without Coaching…..

How to Prepare for BPSC without Coaching…..

As the Last date for completion of 64th BPSC prelims exam is approaching, which lies on 10th Sep. Now focus shifts to the main question  “How to Prepare for BPSC” or “How to Prepare for BPSC without Coaching without Coaching?” In this article, I will be trying to clear many of your doubts regarding this. So let us start with the How, What & When kind of questions …

How it’s possible to crack BPSC prelims without Coaching?

I say its very much easy to clear BPSC prelims without coaching, with a focused preparation of 90 days only.  Incidentally, We also have approximately same time with us for 64th BPSC. The key ingredients for the focused preparation with 100% success rate are:

  • Good Strategy – A plan for study, which will make you successful. In my previous blog, I have already tried to decipher the key strategy for BPSC prelims based on quantitative analysis of previous 10 years exams conducted by BPSC. You can read “What should be the strategy for 64th BPSC Prelims Exam?
  • Few Books – List of books, with a clear focus on the goal, you can read 24 x 7 still not clear the exam, if you don’t know what to read and from where to read. A book list which will fetch to a guaranteed success I have added in subsequent paras.
  • Dedicated timetable & its execution – Someone had said: “An army with the best armor and a very good plan cannot win the war if it does not execute the plan and fight it well”. So study for a few hours in the day but study daily.
  • Make Practice your religion – Practice a lot. I remember during my engineering college days with every 3 tutorial lectures there used to be a practice lecture, this formula holds good in case of this exam preparation also make your timetable such that after every three hours of study, give one hour for re-visiting that topics what you have covered in last 3 hours.
  • Test Series – I call test series/mock tests as an eyeopener and a confidence builder. An eye-opener because mock tests will keep you checked, and maintain you on the path of success. A confidence builder as it will boost a confidence in you that you are already prepared for all kind of ups-downs situation where your exam can put you in. provides you a computer-based free 100+ BPSC tests, where you can analyze your preparation.

Must read books of BPSC

Subject Books Remarks
History – Lucent GK Subjective
– Indian Freedom struggle by Bipin Chandra
– History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra
– NCERT books 6 to 12th standard
– General Knowledge – Crown Publication
Read my article “Top 2 History Books for BPSC Prelims” .
Bihar related topics Lucent Bihar Lucent book is more then enough for questions on Bihar related topics.
Geogrphy – Murnal Video’s on geography
– NCERT books 6 to 12th standard
Polity – Partiyogita Darpan sepecial edition on Polity No need to read Laxmikant if time permits only then you can opt for it
Science – NCERT books 6 to 12th standard  
Economics – Murnal Notes  
Current affairs – Partiyogita Darpan monthly issue from Apr 2018
– Vision IAS monthly current affairs