How to Prepare For UPSC/IAS Exam Without Coaching?

How to Prepare For UPSC/IAS Exam Without Coaching?

How to Prepare For UPSC Without Coaching?” It's likely you have this unique dilemma inside your mind hundreds of times as a potential aspirant. However in the internet era - one can possibly declare with confidence - Yes, any dedicated aspirant can easily clear IAS exam without coaching!

How to Prepare For UPSC Without Coaching?


There are numerous cases of applicants who unlocked the jinx of IAS while not going for any coaching - without having to spend sleepless nights as well as paying money.

IAS Preparation Strategy for Individuals Preparing Without Coaching

During the early stage of preparation, aspirants may encounter concerns - 'How to start UPSC preparation?' 'Which books I Should read for UPSC Preparation?' and 'How to read the newspapers for IAS?'

Likewise, Students confront a few complications in understanding topics from the UPSC syllabus, of which they do not possess any kind of educational foundation (Like Economy and Polity topics which are going to be challenging during the initial stage for medical or technical students). However, if they are motivated, then via hard work and devoted efforts, they will likely be in a position to grasp it.

When an aspirant recognizes the dynamics of the examination, they're able to prepare independently without signing up for any kind of coaching.

Nevertheless, it ought to be mentioned that more than 95% of the selected applicants had gone for coaching. It made way for these people in driving their preparation and augmenting time considering the syllabus is very wide and the one ought to finish the same in One year of time.

To illustrate, The History subject, you need to cover Ancient, Medieval, Modern, Post-Independence history of India and also World History. In the same way, for geography and economics as well. 

It is not easy to maximize time in the event that one doesn't really know what all to pay attention to and what to not. That's exactly where instructors who have got a lot of experience comes to support.

How to start preparation for IAS exam without coaching?

Solve Previous Year Question Papers

Prior to starting the extreme IAS preparation, Aspirants are encouraged to solve the last year UPSC question paper to comprehend the nature of UPSC questions and appreciate In what way every topic is treated and why these kinds of questions had been asked in Examinations. Therefore, just for this aspirants be required to solve 5 to 10 years of UPSC question papers.

 Proper Study Plan

For IAS exam preparation without coaching must have an effective study plan. They need to have a very good long-term plan for One year and immediate strategy of weekly and daily study plans.

To be able to crack the UPSC IAS examination, regardless of a student preparing with or without coaching he/she must have his/her unique study plan to crack the civil service exam.

Regular Answer Writing

Students should try to write daily a couple of answers just for improving upon their answer writing skill in addition to enhancing their memory skills. Most importantly, applicants preparing without coaching ought to practice answer writing more often than not.

Regular Note Making

Aspirants need to make a habit of simplified note making too quick revising prior to the UPSC prelims and Main examination. Once candidates make their own notes it will improve the student s performance more than relying on the market material.

Current Affairs Preparation

Get a habit of reading the daily newspaper as well as, making notes of newspaper reading. For news analysis, students are encouraged to follow All India Radio (AIR) news analysis, Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV debate. Many of these analyses will give you a detailed understanding of Current Affairs Topics.

Performance Analysis

Individuals need to review their preparation regularly, to comprehending their overall performance students can get prelims and mains practice question paper from the market and begin solving these question papers. It can help them all to be aware of exactly where their preparation lies, depending on this student can certainly evaluate their strength and weakness.

Be aware: In the beginning, students can experience trouble in giving correct answers to the problems. however, don't get disheartened as time moves on your performance will likely improve.


UPSC IAS examination is a competitive examination, regardless of the students studying in coaching institutes his or her own talent and skill which makes the difference in the exam. Therefore, all in all, this will depend on the student's prep strategies.

If an aspirant is resolute and dedicated in nature, in that case, he/she will certainly crack the UPSC IAS examination with no coaching.