Tips for Exam Preparation

Tips for Exam Preparation

While you are gearing yourself for one of the most critical exams, Which will decide your future course of action. Be it a Board exam, Competitive exam or any other exam, stakes are always high and failure is not an option. When preparing for the exam, completing exam syllabus only comes to mind. Completing your syllabus is very important, but at the same time, utilizing time effectively & having your mind in a good zone is very important.

Another common misconception among us is to score good marks, you have to study 12 to 14 hours a day. In contrast,  to score good marks it is important to understand what to read, how much to read and from where to read rather than how long you should study. As I have also gone through many exams and also observed many these are few handful tips that could help you in preparing for your exam and score good marks:

1. Have enough time to study

Have enough time to study

A common mistake most of the students make they start exam preparations at the last minute. Make a study plan that suits your speed of studying and do not leave anything for the last minute. Avoid partial study

2. Have a plan – Organise yourself

Have a plan – Organise yourself

Analyze the syllabus carefully, write down no of exams, How many topics you need to study, At what you are good at and which topics you need to strengthen and how many days are left. Accordingly, make a detailed day wise plan.

3. Organize your study space

Organize your study space

One of the most important but most neglected key of any exam preparation is study space. Have enough space to spread your textbooks and notes on your desk. Keep the room bright enough and have a restful chair.

4. Use Flowcharts and diagrams

Use Flowcharts and diagrams in answer

A visual is better than many words. Flowchart or diagram can help you understand & revise easily, further it is can assist in scoring good grades. While reading any topic transform it into any convenient visual Flowchart or a diagram. it will help you in last minute revision.

5. Practice old exam papers

Practice old exam papers

Sometimes it’s better move one step back to move a step forward. This is the most effective way to prepare for exams,  practice with all available the previous exams papers. The previous exam papers will help you understand the format and formulation of the questions. You can adjust the answer timing in have a plan on how to write in the actual exam.

6. Explain to others

Explain to others

You can help others to understand some topics, Explain them your reasoning. Answer their questions, many a time their question will provide another perspective to your answer writing and understand the topic more clearly.

7. Have a proper nap

Have a proper nap

Exams are designed to test your thinking. To have a sound thinking and memory to remember you need to have a sound sleep. You should sleep a minimum of seven hours in the night. You should not feel sleep-deprived.

8. Prepare for exam day

Read all the rules of the exam. Visit the exam center before the exam day, Plan your route and keep some buffer time to avoid any uncertainty like traffic. Avoid any anxiety you will experience due to arriving late.

9. Drink water

Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated, It will keep you in a cheerful mood.