Top 2 History Books for BPSC Prelims

Top 2 History Books for BPSC Prelims

In a previous blog post on “How to Crack 64th BPSC Prelims Exam?“, In which quantitatively analyzed the strategy for 64th BPSC. One of the main outcomes of that study was, that History is the most important subject in the context of BPSC exams. So now the question arises which book we should read, In this article, we would try to tell you Top 2 History books for BPSC prelims with some few optional books.


In my previous blog, we analyzed past 10 years of BPSC exam papers to drive a strategy for  BPSC prelims. The outcome of the analysis is given as:

So if you can score approximately 35 marks in BPSC, by attempting history questions only. Which is again a static portion. But now in your mind would be thinking, History is a very vast subject, what should we read in History? The answer to that question also lies in my previous study, which is

So in descending order of importance, we should focus on:

  • Modern History
  • Medieval History
  • Ancient History

Top 2 History books for BPSC Prelim

Subject Topics Books
Ancient History 1. History of Buddha & Jain Religion (Very Important)
2. History of Bihar (Must Read)
3. Indus valley civilization
1. Lucent GK – Subjective
2. Lucent Bihar GK
3. Lucent GK – Subjective
Modern History 1. Independence Movement
2. Independence Movement – Practice
1. Indian freedom struggle by Bipin Chandra
2.  Lucent GK – Objective
Medieval History Medieval History History of Medieval History by Satish Chandra

Important Note:

  • NCERT books of class 6-12 are irreplaceable, if haven’t read history in a while it is advisable to read NCERT books first. Its very given in very simple language in interactive ways.
  • GK – Crown publication – This is another book which is written for competitive exams and is best suited for Bihar based exam.