Which stream to select after 10th Class from CBSE and state board?

Which stream to select after 10th Class from CBSE and state board?

Which, stream I should choose after class 10? For which stream I should go for Science or Commerce? Such questions begin to emerge in the mind of the student as soon as they pass the class 10 exams. Their worry while choosing a stream after the 10th class is quite understandable. As it plays a crucial role in the future career choice for the student. Having said that, students generally do not know precisely which stream to select and why? So here are few tips for "Which Steam to select after 10th Class from CBSE and State Board."

In general, the selection of the stream after class 10 is influenced by many different factors, when students seek help in choosing their stream. It is especially the students who ask their parents or their teachers to choose a course after the tenth class. Alternatively, they choose to follow other students & friends and select the stream which fellow student/friend has chosen after the 10th. This occurs because students are not aware of the stream after class 10 and do not know how to choose a stream after 10th class can influence their career in the future.

All students, whether under the board of the CBSE, the UP or any other state council, must understand that they must be careful. At the same time, parents must also understand that their kid requires their support on this big decision. They must, therefore, avoid any decision on their part.

We discuss here how students can choose the stream to select after class 10:

1. Self-awareness

Probably, This is the most crucial thing to consider, when you are deciding a stream to choose from after 10th class. You must give an adequate attention to your abilities and interests. You are required to ask the question like.

  • What do I like to read?
  • In which subject I am good?
  • What I want to be?

The subject like Mathematics, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry can give you sleepless nights if you are not into these subjects. You are required to introspect and do a detailed analysis of your strength, capabilities, and weakness. This self-awareness will answer you which stream you should choose after 10th class.

2. Do you Know the Streams?

As a student, are you aware of streams, its subjects, its difficulty level, career prospects, etc? You should know all these minute details these streams will bring to the table.

Some streams offer you access to numerous job opportunities, and few streams offer sleek opportunities. However, here the main thing, before taking any decision is that you must be aware of the possibilities that will happen in the future.

For your help, we have given a brief detail of all three streams.


This is the most favorite stream of the students for 10 + 2 schooling and offers numerous lucrative career options, such as engineering and medicine. Another reason of It being so popular is the fact that the science stream students are allowed to choose a business or an artistic field after studying science in 10 + 2, while students in administration and the arts cannot pursue scientific studies.

In science, you have at least six subjects, including a compulsory language. There are many subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology,  computer science, electronics, etc. The student must choose the subject of his future career.


While this stream is not very common among students, it offers many interesting career opportunities such as journalism, literature, social work, education, etc.

In the arts field, you must select six subjects, including a compulsory language and an optional language. Arts offer a vast list of options for choosing the four remaining subjects, namely literature, sociology, psychology, political science, history, philosophy, economics, and so on.


This is the 2nd the most preferred stream between the students in India. Commerce can guarantee you the highest paying and respected jobs, such as investment bank, chartered accountant, secretarial firm, accounting, and financial advisor, etc.

The main subjects taught in commerce are economics, accounting, and business law or business studies. The subjects offered by most business schools include business economics, business law, accounting, auditing, income tax, marketing, and so on.

3. Take the help from a counselor

Until now, you must have understood, how much critical this decision is! And, it is advised that if you are confused, then it is worth taking professional help. Contact a career counselor, attend seminars or education fairs.

The professional help can help you to understand your inclination, potential, and aptitude. Which, can help you to choose a correct stream for you.

4. Talk to your parents and teachers

In the state of confusion, Seeking advice from the persons, who we trust is the finest way to end the crisis. Our Mom, dad, and teachers the best person. who knows our strength & weakness. Their experience and knowledge about us can give us a better advice. It's like expert advice in "Kon Banega Crorepati."

However, you should take this an advice and combine it with your internal assessment and then only take a decision.


No doubt it is a complex decision to make! However, only you are the right person to make this decision. Analyze all the parameters, introspect within yourself and then choose a stream after CBSE or UP to Board exam. Go with your strength and make correct choices. Choosing the right course makes a difference in your career path. Keep it in mind no course is good or bad. Each one provides many opportunities in all areas. Just put all your efforts to succeed in your career.